Creation / Video Production

Psagot Farewell Clip \

Thinking outside the box can sometimes serve the message in a surprising way.

A farewell clip from the CEO of Psagot Hagai Badash on the occasion of his departure from the organization.

Ariel Franco | Arch Studio \

Probably the most beautiful house we've ever taken

Cisco Conference Opener\

First clip out of five that serves as a video transitions between spokesman in a conference

Domino's Pizza

Manager of the year \

Lacrosse Championships\

A pump-up clip for potential investors clients and individual donors

ICON_SV101 \

This clip makes use of interviews and action clips to show the impact of ICON on its participants.  Weaving in summarizing explanations by the founder, the clip highlights the enormous benefits to participants in order to achieve ICON’s goal of encouraging interested entrepreneurs to apply.

FSIGHT’s Gilboa Iris pilot\

Kibbutz Ma’ale Gilboa, a first mover community with advanced energy infrastructure, has partnered with FSIGHT to conduct the “Gilboa Iris” project pilot. The project’s goal is to prove the viability of an optimized, efficient and sustainable distributed electricity grid.

Internat advertisement for Cisco  \

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go. This clip gives the security a... different and funny angle

Plot twist \

ימי קורונה, והרחוב מחייך

 Behind the Scenes\

בימי הקורונה נוצרה עצרת הזדהות עם תעשיית המוסיקה
תרומה של שני אנשים, מריוס וענבר נכט בשיתוף פעולה עם הפקה מקצועית ומלאה ברגש של טלי יעקובי והצוות המדהים שלה, הולידה ערב מרגש שכולו הוקדש לאנשים שמאחורי הקלעים.


A central concept is developed throughout the clip and anchors the narrative.  Interviews with the children and the judges and shots of the auditions are woven into the theme, connecting the complex elements which define the organization’s mission and purpose.