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Combat Ventures\

קליפ אלגנטי ופשוט שמעביר מסר זריז בצורה קלילה ומקצועית ע"י שחקן פלוס כותרות 

Cisco - Video wall \

Today, when we look at Israel, we can see clearly that the greater the dream, the more spectacular the results. Here, 13 startups and companies have come together and created a new reality, gifted with inspiration, creativity, and Israeli know-how.

Ruderman Prize \

We are very proud to have been a part of this remarkable initiative - Ruderman Prize in Inclusion for 2016, which recognizes organizations worldwide that promote inclusion of people with disabilities.

Mimshak \


In a comprehensive yet concise manner, this clip provides a preview of ICT’s extensive resources in addressing the growing threat of the global terrorism network.  While conveying the urgency with which ICT responds to intensifying needs, the clip also relays the underlying history and depth of experience which exemplifies ICT’s position as a leader in international counter terrorism.

Mimshak is an organization that brings together scientists and politicians to create a common language.  This delightful motion graphics clip presents their mission in a fun, accessible manner.  Just like Mimshak, the clip creates a common language between this complex organization and their audience. 

America Voting Clip 2016\

This election, if you are an American citizen, you can vote privately and independently unless you are one of the 20% of Americans with disabilities.